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These images are copyright protected by Debbie Jones © 2019.  All rights reserved.
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These images are copyright protected 
by Debbie Jones © 2019.  All rights reserved.  
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"Windows of Heaven"                                                                                           24"x21"
This quilt reflects on the crossing over of dearly loved ones, one who left in their golden years and one who left far too early. Both of them are standing in the windows. The one facing you has bas been watching over you for years, and the one who left suddenly is looking toward Heaven but can still see you.
Made with cotton, silk and synthetic fabrics. Hand appliqué and trapunto, with a little raw edge applique, machine pieced. Machine quilted with cotton, polyester and metallic threads. Ink pencils were used to add shading.
"Windows of Heaven", close-up of windows
"Windows of Heaven", close-up near lower right corner
"Windows of Heaven", close-up of upper right corner